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Miix Analytics is a Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) boutique based in Liberty Village at the Toronto Carpet Factory, in the heart of Toronto.  We take a fresh approach by combining world-class unbiased consulting with fast and affordable models. Our talent is 100% based in Canada and the EST time zone, meaning our consultants and modelers personally experience the media and full marketing of your brand and can meet with you in real-time.  We know how to leverage advanced analytics in the right ways to prove the short-term and long-term value of marketing. 

Where Passion Meets Purpose


To be a first-choice MMM boutique supplier, offering world-class consulting powered by strong analytics.  We deliver on this vision to our clients across Canada, the USA, and internationally.


Our bird mascots represent the values of Miix:  Passion & Purpose, Wisdom from Experience, Hard Work, Trust, and Agility.  We provide our clients with the confidence they need to make data-based decisions.


Marketing is executed in a unique way in each market.  Our consultants experience the advertising of your brand.  We are a team of diverse educational backgrounds that synergize well to produce valuable work for our clients.


To reimagine how Marketing Analytics is run and delivered.  From the way our company operates to how we partner with other agencies, to how we deliver for our clients. Our Values are at the center of our daily operations.   We offer a genuine and authentic culture for our team, and reliable value to our clients.


Miix is inspired by nature.  Echeveria succulents are strong in nature and very persistent.  

Green represents awareness, love, and wisdom, encouraging growth, reflection, and balance.   White represents new beginnings.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

At Miix, we strive for diversity in thought and ideas produced out of talent with diverse backgrounds and experiences in life.  We are committed to equitable pay and opportunities for our team. We are publicly committed to improve Black, Indigenous, and PoC representation at all levels of staffing, especially in senior and leadership positions.

"There is only one way to look at things until someone shows us how to look at them with different eyes." 

– Pablo Picasso   

Our Values

Passion & Purpose

of Mockingbirds

Wisdom & Experience 

of Owls

Hard Work & Trust 

of Bluebirds

Agility & Speed

of Kestrel Falcons

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