miix for small business

The pandemic and years that have followed have been especially hard on small businesses. We have developed a full suite of offerings to support small business marketing:  from strategy to creation, execution, quantitative research, qualitative research, analytics, and optimization. We don't just teach it, we do it.  Follow us on Instagram: @miixanalytics

What you will get from a Small Business Consultation with Miix™️:

An engagement will begin with a 1:1 virtual meeting to discuss your business.  We will work through a conversation guide to talk about how your business has been performing since the pandemic, including sales and traffic performance, customer experience, and branding metrics like awareness, consideration, and favorability.   

Depending on your unique business scenario, Miix may or may not request data for further analysis.

If data is required, you will confidentially share data (i.e. sales or traffic trends) to Miix for the purpose of running advanced analytics techniques.  These "data science" techniques will be similar to those used by Fortune 500 companies to drive business growth. Any data requested will be shared over secure file transfers, and only used for the purpose of helping your business grow.

Next, Miix will draft a plan to provide actionable directions on how to pivot in 2021.   Recommendations will include action steps you can take yourself as a business owner, or be items our Miix consultants or Agency Partner & Collaborators can do for you.  See below for the list of our growing community of Agency Partners & Collaborators.

Our engagement won't stop there.  We will remain on contract monitor your performance and provide consultation and Q&A support over 2021.  We are that committed to helping your business grow.  However, it is up to you as the business owner to commit to making the changes required to help your business pivot into our new normal.

Questions to ask yourself about your Small Business:

"Introducing Miix for Small Business"  video production by Kochanka Visuals

Video Release Date:  February 25, 2021