meet the Miix Team

Hilary Borndahl

Founder & CEO

Miix™️ is founded by industry veteran, Hilary Borndahl.  Having spent her career on the supplier side, Hilary learned the art and science of Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) during her role at The Modeling Group, a Nielsen boutique, in the 2000s, for which she is often quoted telling her story of 'falling in love with marketing mix'.

Hilary has held leadership roles at global firms Kantar and Nielsen, building talent and driving accelerated growth in the Advanced Analytics practices while consulting for Marketers and Insights leaders at Fortune 500 companies.  Prior to this, she built her knowledge base of Marketing Research at firms including Hotspex, Maritz, and Thompson Lightstone, and holds a Bachelor of Commerce with a major in  Marketing Management from the University of Guelph, Gordon S. Lang School of Business.

Based in Oakville, Ontario, where she is a mother to three daughters and dog Mason, Hilary enjoys SUP on Lake Ontario, gardening, building lego and puzzles, and exploring nature with her family.  Hilary plays an active role in building & supporting the community as co-founder of the charity group 'WishListSEO' and former Community Guider with Girl Guides of Canada.

Passionate about advancing all women, Hilary is the Partnership Lead for the Network of Executive Women (NEW) Toronto chapter.

Zubin Khalfay

Manager | Project/Team Lead

Zubin Khalfay Manages Team Falcon at Miix and is our longest-tenured Technical Analyst.  Zubin oversees two of our largest client engagements while developing our Jr Analyst talent.  His journey in Canada began when he pursued a Master of Engineering at the University of Waterloo along with a certificate in Business & Entrepreneurship, graduating in early 2020.

It is through Zubin’s experience at a startup company and multiple courses during his post-secondary education, his passion for analytics grew.  Since then he has been dedicated to learning and further improving his skills in the world of data analysis. 

Zubin loves making oil paintings of nature sceneries. He also relishes living an active lifestyle by playing basketball and soccer.  He enjoys going for treks, discovering nature & wildlife. Home has many different meanings for Zubin. His home country is India and he was born and brought up in the Middle East, spending most of his life in the United Arab Emirates & Oman, whose culture of diversity and inclusion is very close to his heart.

Rupinder Singh

Manager | Project/Team Lead

Rupinder Singh Manages Team Cactus at Miix and is our coding leader on the team.  Rupinder oversees our largest Client engagement while also developing our Jr Analyst talent. He is a graduate of McMaster University and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree with a Major in Accounting and a minor in Economics. Rupinder also holds a certificate in Computer Programming Applications from Toronto Metropolitan University where he is also currently completing his Masters of Analytics.


During the summer of 2020 during the Covid-19 lockdowns, Rupinder began his journey into the world of data analytics by taking computer science and data analysis courses that piqued his interests. Since then, he has continued to pursue additional academic resources to expand his knowledge and develop his analytical skills.

Rupinder enjoys playing video games and watching basketball in his spare time, including attending a Raptors games whenever he gets the chance.

Valerie Presti

Office Manager & EA

Valerie Presti is a graduate of the University of Western Ontario with a focus on administration and finance. Valerie has worked in a number of executive administrative roles in a variety of fields including Healthcare, Advertising and Real Estate. Her favourite thing to do is to keep people organized and bring people together through meetings and social events. 

Val grew up in Peterborough, and while she enjoyed living in both Vancouver and Ottawa, she now calls Oakville home, as this is where she and her husband raise their 4 growing children. 

Val enjoys living an active lifestyle, travelling to warm places with good food, managing her kid's sports teams and volunteering with their school.

Terence Chan

Sr Analyst | Project Lead

Terence Chan is a Sr. Analyst and Project Lead at Miix. As a graduate of the University of Toronto, he holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Statistics with minors in Mathematics and Economics.

His interest in the data industry began during his post-secondary education when he discovered the importance and impact that data has on various industries. Since then, Terence developed a passion for data analytics and data science and has held analyst roles and contributed to research papers. He continues to develop his skills and is always looking to create efficient data solutions.

Terence loves watching sports, especially soccer (go Man-U!), basketball, football, hockey, F1, and motorsports. He also enjoys hiking and biking. 

Monica Joshi

Analyst & Data Coordinator

Monica Joshi is a Modeling Analyst and Data Coordinator at Miix. Having graduated from the University of Warwick with a Masters of Science in Economics, Monica has experience working with economic research organizations at EY in India. 

Outside of work, Monica is a trained Indian classical singer, a yoga enthusiast, and an avid reader. Since college, Monica has been involved with the social sector to impart basic educational skills to underprivileged kids which is something that she is very passionate about. 

Tavneet Singh

Analyst & Miix Marketing

Tavneet Singh is a Modeling Analyst, Data Coordinator, and Marketing Associate at Miix. She holders her Masters in Science-Chemistry and a Bachelors in Chemistry from Toronto Metropolitan University.

Outside of work, Tavneet is interested in Fashion, Design and loves to travel. 

Judi Kochanka

Marketing Assistant

Judi Kochanka is a Marketing Assistant at Miix (contract part-time). Judi holds a Bachelor of Education from the University of Brock, and a Bachelor of Physical Education from McMaster University.

Prior to Miix, Judi served as an Educational Consultant at the Provincial and School Board level. 

Outside of Miix, Judi enjoys hiking, baking, and spending quality time with her three granddaughters.

Soha Khan

Technical Analyst/Coder

Soha Khan is a Technical Modeling Analyst and Coder at Miix. She holds a Bachelor of Science, Economics, and Mathematics from the Institute of Business Administration (IBA). Soha possesses an innate affinity for diving deep into data, to bring forth analytical insights. 

There is more to Soha than just numbers! When not crunching data, you will find her baking, traveling to explore new destinations, and embracing new cultures. For all of the Marvel enthusiasts out there, you’ve got a kindred spirit in Soha.

Harshil Patel

Technical Analyst/Coder

Harshil Patel is a Technical Analyst & Coder at Miix. He holds a Masters of Science in Big Data Analytics from Trent University, as well as a Bachelor of Engineering, Computer Engineering from GH Patel College of Engineering & Technology in India.

He is an ardent lover of the great outdoors. He thrives on the exhilaration of hiking through picturesque trails, the tranquility of kayaking on serene waters, and the sheer joy of immersing himself in nature's wonders. Alongside his adventures, he unleashes his creativity through designing, sketching, and painting, capturing the beauty that surrounds him.

Shabbir Kothari

Analyst & Miix Marketing

Shabbir Kothari is a Project Analyst and Marketing Lead for Miix. Shabbir holds a Post Graduate in Marketing Management and Business from George Brown College, along with a Bachelor's in Mass Media & Advertising from Rizvi College. 

Interesting in joining our team?

Are you looking for a new path in your career?  Are you a recent undergrad looking to start your career at a fast-paced authentic startup?  

At  Miix, we are always looking for bright and ambitious talent to join our team.  In our initial years of operation, we will bring on data scientists with experience in MMM,  as well as experts in data, coding, visualization, and technology.  Official Applications for open job postings will be accepted on LinkedIn.  For roles that are not yet posted, please fill out our career interest form here.  Tell us a little about yourself, what you're looking for next, and what you have to offer Miix.