marketing miix modeling (MMM)

Our vision at Miix™️  is to be the first choice Marketing Mix Modeling boutique supplier in Canada, offering world-class consulting powered by strong analytics.   We help you Prove the Value of your Marketing Budget, with Smart, Fast & Affordable Marketing Miix Models.

What is Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM)?

Marketing Mix Modeling is the technique of analyzing sales and marketing time series data through statistical analysis such as multivariate regressions.  The impact of each marketing vehicle (i.e. TV, digital, out of home, in-store, etc) is measured for its contribution to sales, along with its financial return on investment (ROI).  The advanced analytics of MMM is used to prove, defend and optimize marketing budget allocations to support sales and brand goals.

With  Miix™️ you can be assured your MMM program is in the right hands with experienced professionals who are passionate about delivering actionable insights from sound analytics.

What you will get from a Marketing Mix Modeling engagement with Miix™️:

Starting with a detailed review of historical sales and marketing trends, Miix™️ will uncover what is happening with the brand, why it is happening, and what you can do about it to achieve key performance indicator (KPI) targets.   MMM is the solution to teach you the questions you should be asking in the first place to drive business growth.

Marketing Mix Modeling (MMM) answers questions like,

Which elements in the budget deliver the strongest ROI (return on investment)?  What is the balance of short-term and long-term ROI?

What are the opportunities to optimize the marketing mix, including specific media and promotional allocations?

What percentage of my overall sales is driven by my marketing budget?

What percentage of my sales growth is attributed to elements in my marketing budget compared to base/equity growth?

How strong are my base sales?  Does my brand display base sales growth over time?  Do I have evidence of the long-term impact of my marketing?

What is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on my sales and marketing performance? " and "How can I better plan for the new normal?