miix Testimonials

Hershey Canada

"This is the best - most visually and actionable display of an MMM I've ever seen. It's brilliant."

- Ashim Sethi, Marketing Manager, Hershey Canada Inc.

Home Suite Hope

"Hilary, Chanelle, and Rachel were spectacular throughout the entire client journey, from the beginning to the end. In only a few weeks, this team was able to deliver manageable data solutions for a small company to incorporate into our daily practices.

Beyond being a data analytics guru, Hilary is empathic and will go d to deliver the best possible solutions for her clients. Rachel did a full social media audit on our social media channels, with recommendations. Chanelle created data visualizations including, a 5-year revenue breakdown with quarterly comparisons, an engagement map, and analytics reports.

Miix Analytics has taken years of hoarded data and translated it into digestible, real-world applications. Home Suite Hope is able to incorporate more data-driven informed decisions in our organizational marketing and fundraising practices.

HSH can now optimize on data, audiences and digital advertising because Miix has created solutions to help us discover new supporters reach the right audiences and getting the best return on investment in marketing. "

- Sara Cumming, Executive Director, Home Suite Hope

Mister Butcher

“ Hilary and the Miix team quickly understood our business, and dove into our sales and customer data and came up with actionable insights. We have a combination of quick wins, and a longer-term plan to improve our marketing strategy and to grow our business in high-value markets. The team is passionate about our business, and we are really enjoying working with this highly capable and energetic group. "

- Christine Butcher, Owner

Food4Kids Halton

“ The work from Hilary and her team has been amazing. I would have never had the time or thought to look at our data in this way to find ways to reach out to Individual donors. ”

- Gayle Kabbash, Food4Kids Halton Director

Cain Brothers Real Estate

“The incredible recommendations from the Miix team have been very helpful for our business. We are in the process of implementing all of them.”

- Andrew Cain, Owner

Tamarack Valley Energy

“Hilary has a unique ability to inspire and encourage conversation with respect to corporate culture, diversity, inclusion, and women empowerment. These topics can be difficult to engage in, however, Hilary’s tone and acute facilitation brought forward meaningful conversation between both female and male participants that felt comfortable and natural. We, as an organization, promote and encourage diversity of thought and ideas, and the skillset and passion she brought to the “#ChooseToChallenge” dialogue was extremely impactful and left a lasting impression on both staff and management.”

- Steve Buytels, Vice President, Finance & Chief Financial Officer


Thanks to the Miix Analytics team for their insight into the digital marketing side of our charity. Rachel’s social media audit gave us recommendations we could quickly and easily implement, as well as an overview of where to focus our efforts in the future. We really appreciate her attention to detail and her friendly, warm approach to the charity.

- Bill Shields, Executive Director